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CleanTrafficHit Launched!

CleanTrafficHit launched with lot-of builtin functionality. Drive a massive Free traffic to your Favourite Site, increase your sales.
We have Planed long term strategy with Revenue Share Advertising Services,
Just buy Revenue share advertising services for $1 and get 50 Cashlink Credits, 100 Traffic Exchange Credits and 250 Banner Credits free of cost and 1 revenue share position on site revenue for 50 days. Your sharing position matures with @115% . Site revenue profits shares daily into your account balance that can be withdraw at any time. Minimum $2 cashout limit.
Earn 100% from Cashlink ads available into your account menu. Earn daily upto $0.10 from cashlinks.
Earn 100% referral bonus from cashlink ads daily but you need to must surf minimum 10 Traffic Exchange website for receiving referral bonuses and site revenues profit on daily basis before the timer expires. There is no limit from Referral earnings.
Surf Traffic Exchange Sites daily with ratio 1:2 means you surf 1 TE site and get 2 TE credits in your account.
And we hope that we should be No.1 position very soon.
All the best.


Dated: 2021-01-11 13:47:44 , Posts: 1